Is it really treason to want to see The Freelanders free?

The Freelanders, a group of disenfranchised Martian settlers barred from entry to Martian soil, drift along in orbit longing to make a new home along the red planet’s surface.

After Pharaoh, the leader of the Freelanders, is assassinated by a Southern Cross spy the much heralded Serpent King arises to assume control.

Revenge and jealousy rage as The Serpent King assaults the Southern Cross without mercy to win Martian land.


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The Broken Cup
The Broken Cup

~ A Cyber-Western ~

The Bully Squad terrorizes cowboys and citizens alike along the trail until the Sheriff of Coyote County Doc-Z steps in to bring justice. Aided by his two deputies Doc-Z hunts down the Bully Squad, the Cyber Quack named Atlas and Dru Parse the man with the money that hires the Bully Squad to carry out heinous acts of crime across county.

Outmanned. Outgunned. Outranked. The Broken Cup.

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Cain vs Abel

He looked to his right and then snapped his fingers. An assistant nearby handed him an old looking piece of paper. The paper was yellowing and distressed.
“I have here in my hand a copy of the Constitution of the United States.” John stated as he gripped the paper as if to strangle.
John panned the crowd.
“And this is what I think about it.” John said dismissive.
John grasp a hold of the Constitution and acting like it was a piece of tissue paper, blew his nose on it. He looked up at the crowd and then crumpled the Constitution in his hands. He threw it to the side as if it were garbage.
“My people! The choice is clear. You need me to be your next President.” John soared.
The rally crowd roared and went crazy. John turned even more serious.
“I am the way.” John boasted.
John’s voice seemed to reverberate in a robotic way as it dropped down in pitch.
“I am John Cain!” John yelled.

TAGLINE: Whose side are you on?
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Battle United
Join the fight! Battle up! The United confront the inhuman Unclean in BattleU

Beat back the Blue!

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The mechanized villain known only as Marathon has unleashed his idol army against the Earth with intents of a universal cacophony of domination.

Meanwhile, Kali Black, CEO and founder of BLW (Black Leopord Werks), the number one weapons manufacturer in the galaxy, concocts a plan to warp the minds and lives of men and women through her hidden plan.

Can you escape the Cauldron of Trouble?

The threat is real and who can stop it?

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Assassins in Brooklyn? Aliens in Birmingham? Dragons in Scotland? Escort robots on Mars? What is this?

Hotel heiress Mathematica Van Proven wants nothing to do with the family business. A turn of events leaves her at a deadly crossroads with power to yield. Will she use her intelligence and power for good or for evil?

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